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HART team

HART team

Tjalling Haije

MSc, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Human-agent interaction, Rapid Concept Prototyping
“I specialize in transforming fundamental HART research into concrete prototypes.”
HART team

Sjoerd Berning

MSC Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertise: Explainable AI, Ecological Interface Design, Manning & Automation
“I like to contribute to appropriate adoption of automation in which human and machine work together as a team.”
HART team

Karel van den Bosch

Ph.D., Senior Researcher

Expertises: Human-Machine Learning; Meaningful Human Control
"I develop and evaluate environments and methods that enable human and AI team partners to learn about the task, themselves and each other."
HART team

Valentina Maccatrozzo

MSC, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: UX research, recommender system, user modeling, semantic web technologies
"Combining AI and psychological theories to allow machines to better understand users.”
HART team

Anthia Solaki

Dr., Medior Scientist Specialist

Expertises: Formal Logic, Knowledge Representation, Psychology of Reasoning, Human-centered AI
"I use formal methods and empirical findings to enable applications for intelligent interaction in human-AI teams"
HART team

Ivana Akrum

MSc, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Modelling, Human-Machine Interaction
"I hope to contribute to a society where our AI technologies are made and implemented with the people’s interests and needs at heart.”
HART team

Jan van Erp

Prof. dr., Principal Scientist, Full Professor

Expertises: Human Computer Interaction, Multisensory Integration, Human Robot Interaction, Applied Neuroscience
"I believe that technology should support our performance, safety, well-being and our strive for happiness. Therefore I work on Human-Technology Symbiosis.”
HART team

Mark van Koningsveld

MSc, Scientist Innovator

Expertise: Design thinking, Sensory Augmentation, Wearable Tech
"I create interventions to better understand participants’ relation to interfaces and AI agents"
HART team

Liv Ziegfeld

MSc, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Human-centered design, Cognitive Engineering
“I’m motivated to improve human-machine collaboration by taking a human-centered approach and by harnessing the strengths of each agent to reach common goals.”
HART team

Jurriaan van Diggelen

Dr., Senior Research Scientist

Expertises: Human Machine Teaming, Meaningful Human Control
“I design and implement AI-enabled systems that team up with human professionals in safety critical domains.”
HART team

Willeke van Vught

MSc, Medior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Knowledge representation and logical reasoning, requirement engineering, end-user experiments.
"'Most of my work is focusing on observing, predicting and directing team members in hybrid teams."
HART team

Tycho Brug

MSc, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Interactive robotics, Biomechatronics, Human-machine teaming, Project management
"I’m driven to connect people in order to create impact in the field of interactive robotics”
HART team

Birgit van der Stigchel

MSC, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Artificial Intelligence, (Social) Robotics, Human-agent interaction
"I like to discover how people and machines can work together in the most optimal way. What does the collaboration of humans and machines look like and what are the desires of people when working with AI systems?"
HART team

Mark Neerincx

Prof. Dr., Principal Scientist

Expertises: Cognitive engineering, social AI, human-agent/robot symbiosis
"My research focuses on the socio-cognitive engineering of artificial, virtual or physical, agents (ePartners) that show social, cognitive and affective behaviors to enhance performance, resilience, health and/or wellbeing."
HART team

Tjeerd Schoonderwoerd

MSc, Junior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Empirical research, Explainable AI
“I design AI that takes into account the socio-cognitive requirements and effects of human-AI collaboration.”
HART team

Martijn van Emmerik

PhD, Senior Project Manager

Expertises: Project management, (Driving) Simulators, Validity, Fidelity
“Faciliting the smooth execution of our projects”
HART team

Sabine Verdult

MSc, Junior Scientist Cognitive Engineering & Artificial Intelligence

Socio-technical systems & evaluation; meaningful human control; cognitive engineering
"My research focuses on (beyond-)human capabilities linked to state of the art technology. I am privileged to carry out such research in safety critical domains."
HART team

Emma van Zoelen

PhD Candidate, TU Delft & TNO

Expertises: Human-centered AI, AI and Design, Human-Agent Collaboration
"I research and design fluent collaborations between humans and AI systems, to empower both in using their unique qualities."
HART team

Jasper van der Waa

MSc., Medior Scientist Innovator

Expertises: Explainable AI, Rapid Prototyping
"I develop solutions that help users understand their systems and use them appropriately."